By E. Nesbit Paperback £8.99 (reviewed by Octavia)

Best known for her beloved children’s classics: Five Children and It and of course The Railway Children; The Lark is one of her several novels for adults. This book is an absolute delight to read. Here we meet cousins Lucilla and Jane, who are the most amusing and charming pair and set about becoming self-sufficient in an English country garden. Having returned from boarding school to find their guardian has gambled away their entire fortune; they are left only the darling chocolate box Hope Cottage, where they must fend for themselves. The business they fall upon is that of growing and selling flowers. This amongst their many other adventures, leads a trail of petals for some dashing admirers and honourable new friends. The local gossip and intrigue, a mysterious stranger and a bit of Midsummer magic makes for an alluring air of romance and a lark of a book. A book that reminds us now more than ever, the relevance and beauty of a garden in Spring.