By Bear Gyrlls Paperback £5.99 (6-8 years old) (reviewed by Anthony)

During lockdown I have been home schooling my 5 year old. Reading is the most important key skill to be learning at his age, so we read a lot of books together and I encouraged my son to read the words himself where he was able to. As he loves the outdoors and loves reading about wild animals, I decided we would read some of the Bear Grylls adventure books together. The main character, Evie, suddenly finds herself on a sun-baked safari with Bear Grylls, where food and water are scarce and dangerous wild animals prowl the plains. To survive, Evie must overcome her fears and eat some disgusting things!! Full of fun (and disgusting) facts this book became a firm favourite of my sons and I enjoyed reading it with him! There are more in the series and for schools that are signed up to the “Accelerated Reader” scheme will be interested to know that most of the series are in the scheme. Ideally suited for 6 to 8 year olds but keen 5 year olds could read most of this with support.