by Florence Given, hardback £12.99 for young adults and above (reviewed by Emily)

This book changed my life completely, I don’t think I have ever read such an inspiring and compelling book. Written by Florence Given and illustrated by her you can already tell Given is such a talented woman. The way she talks about topics that society deems as too sensitive or taboo is truly amazing, from queer identity to being your own true love – you’ll fall in love with this book instantly.

One of the first topics Given talks about is “refuse to find comfort in other women’s flaws” to me this is such an important topic as it really opens my eyes that I did this to often and how many of my friends I see doing it. As women our life is already challenging and to make it easier, we should all be sticking together to fight social norms and the patriarchal view of us.

Another huge topic Given mentions is “women do not exist for the male gaze”, This chapter blew my mind. As much a I’d like to say I don’t care what men think I always find myself wondering, life has become a constant battle for attention on social media especially who has the best clothes and does my body fit the standards random fashion company’s put on a pedestal to tell women to change, and that we aren’t good enough if we don’t have a size 0 waist. My confidence skyrocketed when I read this book. You need to read this book – everyone needs to read this book. Men, women, they’s and them’s all need to read it so we can rethink how we view ourselves and others.