by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, paperback, £8.99,
for young adults
(reviewed by Polly)

If you enjoy mystery and the idea of a crazy rich family being annoyed at you for inheriting all their money, then you will love this book and the rest of the trilogy as much as I did. And to make it even better there are four extremely handsome boys for you to obsess over in this popular young adult fiction. Grayson, the boy who is perfect and expected to receive the large inheritance, Jameson, the out-of-control boy who enjoys going slightly too far in everything, Xander, the boy who builds machines to do the simplest of tasks in the most complicated way possible and Nash, the oldest brother who always wears a cowboy hat. The main character, Avery’s life completely changes when she becomes the world’s richest teenager in a matter of minutes with no idea why a man, she had never met left her everything that was meant to go to his family. I recommend this book if you like puzzles as this whole series is a game set by a man for his grandchildren to play and involves the most outgoing games you could imagine.