by Elizabeth Lim, paperback, £8.99,
for young adults
(reviewed by Polly)

This book is a perfect mix of adventure, magic, and romance. A princess in exile, six enchanted cranes and the beginning of a love triangle. What more could you want from young adult fantasy fiction? This is the first in the series and so far, this author has not disappointed. From amazing descriptions of an enchanting world to the descriptions of the amazing clothes worn by the characters. If you’re not already obsessed with magic and dragons this book will definitely make you. Even though this book is based on an adventure where one sound could ruin everything, humour and joy is embedded into the pages as Princess Shiori’anma’s quick witted remarks make you laugh, and her unruly behaviour makes you love her instantly. I highly recommend this book as not only is the cover beautiful and looks amazing on your shelf but also, it’s a book that grabs your attention and won’t let go until you’ve finished.