by Yuval Noah Harari, David Vandermeulen, Daniel Casanave,
hardback, £20.00,
for 11 years and older.
(reviewed by Clare)

This thoroughly entertaining book is a graphic novel version of Yuval Noah Harari’s global bestseller ‘Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind’. A brilliant journey through 14 billion years of history, it deals with huge themes in an accessible way and charts the story of how humans came to conquer the earth over all other species. Encapsulating physics, biology, chemistry, history, and sociology this book effortlessly educates the reader while painlessly expanding minds (even those of reluctant teenage homo sapiens). Big ideas are reframed in clever and funny ways including human evolution explained via the medium of a reality TV show and early human species categorised in the style of Top Trump cards.

Perfect for YA readers it would be equally at home on a ‘grown-up’s’ bookshelf. A great gift for any curious minds in your life