by Mary Lawson, paperback, £9.99,
for adults
(reviewed by Octavia)

For those who loved Where the Crawdads Sing, Crow Lake by Mary Lawson, has a similar feel. An atmospheric setting and very well told and balanced story of generations bought up surrounded by the tall trees of a lake deep in Northern Ontario. Farming families live isolated, but mostly in tune with the land and traditions of life there. However, our narrator Kate and her family have seen such tragedies. Their own that will forever change their paths in life but also an ongoing awareness of the awful misgivings going on at a neighbouring farm. Kate and her brother Matt have a special bond and affinity with nature. A passion that leads to Kate’s future freedom from the lake through study. Whilst others must remain tethered to the past and the draw of life by the lake, for better or worse. An extremely well written story of love and loss.