by C.C Harrington,
paperback, £7.99, for 8-12 years,
(reviewed by Octavia)

Wildoak is a beautifully told story about the magic of nature, the language of trees, the wonders of the Cornish countryside and a young girls plight to save a lost, endangered Snow Leopard. Maggie struggles daily with her stammer. Talking to people is so hard, yet she can always communicate with animals both big and small. In fact, she has an affinity with nature, particularly a very special forest called Wildoak. When she is sent away from her home, an adventure begins that will teach her that her stammer will not always hold her back, for she has bravery, strength, and kindness. This book should be read in all schools. It is the perfect story for children aged 8 and over to teach them about endangered species, deforestation and about stammers. I urge you to read this, right to the end pages. Also take a minute to admire the gorgeous cover.